Troubled Teens

Boot Camps For Troubled Teens

Boot Camps For Troubled Teens

It often becomes difficult for parents to manage their kids who grow up to be extremely disobedient. Moreover they find it difficult to take good care of such children due to their busy schedule. It is at this time that they look for boot camps for troubled teens where they can send their teens for proper treatment. The boot camps are very much similar to military training camps where teens are subjected to strict rules and regulations. The guiding principle of the juvenile boot camps is that delinquent teenagers can be straightened only by force and authority. The troubled youth is believed to get new life at the camps so that they can revert to mainstream society.

The boot camps emphasize upon the control of both mind and body. The curriculum comprises rigorous physical training quite similar to that practised in the military camps. The exercise programs include marching, running, and lots of free hand exercises. Weight loss camps are a major part of the camping schedule. The teenagers are made to reduce weight so that they remain active and agile. A healthy body keeps your mind healthy, too. The programs are accompanied by a lot of screaming and shouting from the supervisors who are no less than military sergeants. In addition to the weight loss camps, the adolescents are subjected to a training of the mind in order to introduce attitude changes and discipline in them.

Boot camps for teens aim at maintaining a sense of uniformity among the teenagers. The adolescents have to wear uniforms provided by the camp and abide by all its rules and regulations. In some camps the heads of teens are shaved so that they all appear equal and uniform. They are not addressed by their individual names, which is symbolic of their uniformity. They have to have food and retire to bed at a fixed time, diverting from which results in dire consequences. The troubled youth is kept away from his home and family. In the camp he has to live with unknown individuals and herein lies one of the basic treatments of teens suffering from behavioral problems.

However, not everyone favor the idea of boot camps for troubled teens. It is believed that these camps, in reality, are ineffective in improving the troubled kids. One of the primary reasons behind such an opinion is that a true change in attitude can not be induced by forceful interference. The teenagers are forcibly subjected to rigid regime in the camps where they are given harsh punishment even at the slightest mistakes. There is no real psychological involvement in the training which makes the endeavor all the more fruitless. It is believed by several experts the adolescents in the juvenile camps are threatened to lead such a rigorous life and whatever they do here is done out of fear, and it results in no improvement. Moreover, the boot camps for teens are mostly short term camps that continue for about a month. In such a short time a massive improvement, that too, in this way is thought to be impossible. Once the teens are out of the place they return to their old habits.

In a whole, the boot camps appeal to some whereas to others these are a great failure as a corrective measure.

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