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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teen Boot Camps

Parents often find it difficult to control troubled teenagers. In the present world where everyone remains so busy parents can hardly squeeze out time for their kids from their tight schedule. This is why they look for good teen boot camps where they can send their children for adequate supervision. The boot camps have originated from the need for military schools to look after and educate delinquent adolescents. In these camps teenagers suffering from behavioral disorders are subjected to strict supervision at the hands of big men. Parents find the juvenile boot camps an effective means to correct their troubled teens. They are supposedly tired of screaming and shouting after the troubled tens and hence look for such camps where they can send their kids for appropriate correction.

Teen boot camps follow a strict disciplinary structure quite similar to that of the military schools. The teenagers here stay under rigid supervision of the superintendents. The camps aim at making the adolescents into better persons by means of imposing heavy physical and mental subjugation on them. The supervisors of these camps are equal to military sergeants who punish the teens even at the slightest distraction or aversion from the rules. A boot camp for juvenile sets as its objective straightening the troubled youth so that they become obedient and disciplined. Their behaviours are improved here so that they can return to the main stream of society as normal individuals.

The troubled teen boot camps lay a lot of emphasis on physical exercise and training. A strict physical training is believed to make the adolescents gain control over their body and mind. They can become more disciplined under such rigid authority and correct themselves. A lot of physical activities like marching and free hand exercising form a major part of the military like regime that is followed in the boot camps. The exercise programs are meant to help them reduce the extra kilos and develop a fit and strong body. How to gain control over the mend is another vital lesson taught in the juvenile boot camps. They are subjected to such hard core disciplinary methods so that they develop obedience and moderation in them.

Boot camps perform an effective function of creating a team spirit and uniformity among the teens. When a teenager gets admitted into such a camp he is compelled to keep away from all contacts with his family and friends. In a boot camp for juvenile adolescents are made to wear uniforms, or sometimes shave their heads. The supervisors do not address the teens by their names implying that no one here has a separate identity of his own. In the camps they are treated as one and equal. Their problems are addressed and suitable solutions are provided.

Despite the rules and regulations troubled teen boot camps are often criticised for their inability in producing desirable results. In the opinion of experts, the camps have proved futile in improving the troubled youth. It is said that the effects of the boot camps are temporary as the tenure of most of such camps is in itself short, may be a month. The camps do not produce any positive impact on the minds of the teens and once they are out of the camps, they return to their original delinquent behaviour. Opinions vary with people. But we have to remember that everything has its pros and cons.

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